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By K.V. Chalam, MD, PhD

Presents the basic clinical grounding for present ophthalmic perform. Discussions disguise ocular anatomy, embryology, the biochemistry and metabolism of the attention and the newest advancements in eye-related molecular and scientific genetics reports. comprises information regarding ocular pharmacotherapeutics, up-to-date drug info and a dialogue of the felony features of clinical treatment. final significant revision 2009 2010.

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The corneal endothelium is therefore of neuroectodermal origin. Approximately 500,000 cells are present, wi th a density of about 3000 cells/mm'. The size, sha pe, and morphology of the endothelial cells can be observed by specular microscopy at the slit lamp. The apical surfaces of these cells face the anterior chamber; their basal surfaces abut Descemet's membrane. Typically, yo ung endothelial cells have a large nucleus and abundant mitochondria. The active transport of io ns by these cells leads CHAPTER 2, The Eye.

Their flat profile and even distribution in the corona l plane ensure a minirnum disturbance of light transmission. Studies with vital dyes suggest that there may be at least 3 different types of keratocytes. Muller Lj , Pels L, Vrensen GF. lflvest Ophtlwlmol Vis Sci. 1995;36( 13):2557- 2567. Muston en RK, McDonald MB, Srivanllaboon S, Tan AL, Doubrava MW, Ki m CK. Nor mal human co rneal cell populations evaluated by in vivo scanning slil co nfocal m icroscopy. Corlien. 1998; 17(Sj,48S-492. Descemet's Membrane The basal larnina of the corneal e ndotheli um, Descemet's membrane, is periodic acid- Schiff (PAS)-posi tive (Fig 2-4).

Clinical Anatomy of the Eye. Boston. ) (Reproduced WIth permiSSion (rom Snell RS. Lemp 32 • Fundamenta ls and Principles of Ophthalmology lacrimal Gland and Excretory System For further discuss ion of the lacrimal system, see BeSe Section 7, Orbit, Eyelids, and Lacrimal System. Lacrimal Gland The main lacrimal gland is located in a shallow depression within the orbital part of the frontal bone. The gland is separated from the orbit by fibroadipose tissue and divided into 2 parts by a lateral expansion of the levator aponeurosis (Fig 1-34) .

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