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By Arlin M. Adams

Here's a concise evaluate of the old improvement and judicial interpretation of the 1st modification faith clauses. It starts off with a survey of the background of yank spiritual liberty, is going directly to current the perspectives of the Founding Fathers, after which considers the center price of non secular liberty and the constitutional reasons that enforce that price.

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In seventeenth-century England, Parliament enacted a maze of legislation to support the Anglican establishment, including oaths of supremacy and allegiance requiring civil and religious leaders to recognize the monarch as head of both church and Page 14 state and to renounce all foreign rulers, temporal and spiritual. Refusing to take such oaths because of a belief in papal authority, Catholics were regarded as unpatriotic and deprived of civil liberties such as the right to vote, hold public office, and present grievances in court.

98 Unable to agree on several proposed amendments, including the religious freedom provision, the two houses referred the matters to a joint committee consisting of Senators Oliver Ellsworth of Connecticut, Charles Carroll of Maryland, and William Paterson of New Jersey, and Representatives Roger Sherman of Connecticut, John Vining of Delaware, and Page 19 James Madison of Virginia. This group produced the present wording of the First Amendment. Unfortunately, no record of their deliberations has been preserved; consequently the authorship of the amendment and precise intent of the committee remain uncertain.

For Jews and other non-Christians, complete religious liberty in Maryland came only after a long and bitter battle. The Constitutional Period By 1787, it was evident that national unity could not be achieved under the Articles of Confederation. During that summer, fifty-five delegates representing twelve states gathered in Philadelphia to amend the Articles, but decided instead to draft a new form of government. Deeply divided between advocates of state sovereignty and a strong federal government, the delegates overcame significant differences and on September 17 submitted the new Constitution to the state ratifying conventions.

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