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By Marilyn Nelson

In 1955, humans everywhere in the usa knew that Emmett Louis until eventually was once a fourteen-year-old African American boy lynched for supposedly whistling at a white lady in Mississippi. The brutality of his homicide, the open-casket funeral, and the acquittal of the lads attempted for the crime drew vast media attention.

Award-winning poet Marilyn Nelson reminds us of the boy whose destiny helped spark the civil rights flow. This martyr’s wreath, woven from a little-known yet refined kind of poetry, demanding situations us to talk out opposed to modern day injustices, to “speak what we see.”

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As Wells’s April 1954 execution date approached, the increased pace of protests began to make an impact. Syndicated columnist Walter Winchell, who first endorsed clemency for Wells in 1950, encouraged readers to write Governor Goodwin Jess Knight, the thirty-first governor of California; who, in turn, assured Winchell that he was considering Wells’s case by taking all opinions into account. ” Governor Knight had more opinions than he could account for, and ultimately even he was persuaded. ” And so, Wells life was spared, but his soul remained tortured.

What the hell you got my gun for? If I’m not under arrest, you give my gun back,” but the guards continued grabbing at weapons and herding the Panthers into the hallway. Meanwhile, the media scurried back and forth recording one of the most important storylines of the entire era. ” Hutton was the first to reply, and his words echoed in the hallway moments before the doors shut with a soft hiss: “We’re the Black Panthers. We’re black people with guns. ” Moments later, Bobby Seale stood on the capitol steps and read Executive Mandate Number One—just as Newton requested.

Despite the courts’ rulings, Black Muslims continued to meet and practice their religion, and prison authorities continued to resist their congregating. Black Muslims remained at the forefront of these internal revolutions, which spread in size and grew in intensity. In 1961, one inmate was killed and four wounded when guards moved in to disband a Muslim gathering. In other instances, Muslim inmates found themselves in scuffles with guards over their private property, their scrapbooks, their Holy Korans, and their prophetic language.

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