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By Francois Lepine

You're hugely inspired to learn the introductive booklet "Qi-Gong and Kuji-In" prior to you cross directly to the complex suggestions provided during this publication. inquisitive about the transformation of self from inside of, Kuji-in is a Buddhist ritual perform that won't simply paintings you to develop into the grasp of your existence, yet also will produce unheard of observable manifestations of significant power, wellbeing and fitness, actual and psychological power. practising Kuji-In because it is gifted right here will help and improve each motion you're taking in lifestyles. Your psychic talents will evolve, and you'll in attaining an accelerated notion of the realm

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Although the SHA technique is enhanced by alternating between mild and intense applications, this must remain a background thought, because effective healing requires a singular focus on peace and harmony. Therefore, the best way to proceed is to keep your inner contemplation focused mostly on the healing of your body, while maintaining the fact that your solar plexus is radiating energy as a background thought. Graphic pictorial language speaks to our subconscious. The following exercise uses the graphic pictorial symbolism of a fruit that has been left to rot, in contrast to a freshly picked fruit, bursting with life and juices.

Visualize the cells within your body as they - 57 - shift from weak, rotting, decaying cells, to plump, rich cells, filled with life, and light and always supplied with the perfect amount of nutrients and hydration. Use every sense to imagine and focus on this restoration process, (quickly leaving behind the idea of any decaying cells). Make the image of your cells beautiful and alive. You may place your focus on your entire body, or on a special organ, depending on your needs. Close your visualization with the certainty that there are only rich healthy cells remaining in your body.

Accepting the existence of pain does not mean we should permit the pain to continue hurting us. It simply indicates that we should acknowledge the fact that something hurts, and put all available resources into resolving the painful situation with virtuous actions. - 62 - The sooner we get away from the human games of victimization and self-persecution, the faster we can get to the root of what is bothering us and start resolving the problem. Our human ego tends to amplify feelings of pain, hoping to attract attention and compassion from others.

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