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Slope ϭ Ϫ12, y-intercept ϭ ᎏᎏ 2 16. no slope and passes through (12, Ϫ9) 17. passes through A(1, 5) and B(Ϫ8, 9) 18. x-intercept ϭ Ϫ8, y-intercept ϭ 5 19. passes through A(8, 1) and B(Ϫ3, 1) 20. vertical and passes through (Ϫ4, Ϫ2) 21. the y-axis 22. 25, x-intercept ϭ 24 1 23. Line ᐉ passes through A(Ϫ2, Ϫ4) and has a slope of Ϫᎏᎏ . What is the standard 2 form of the equation for line ᐉ ? 24. Line m passes through C(Ϫ2, 0) and D(1, Ϫ3). Write the equation of line m in standard form. l Wor ea Ap on ld R Applications and Problem Solving p li c a ti 25.

B. Explain how the rate is related to the graph of the line. 32. If f(x) ϭ x3 and g(x) ϭ 3x, find g[f(Ϫ2)]. (Lesson 1-2) f 33. Find (f и g)(x) and ᎏᎏ (x) for f (x) ϭ x3 and g(x) ϭ x2 Ϫ 3x ϩ 7. (Lesson 1-2) g 34. Given that x is an integer, state the relation representing y ϭ x2 and ΂΃ Ϫ4 Յ x Յ Ϫ2 by listing a set of ordered pairs. Then state whether this relation is a function. (Lesson 1-1) If xy ϭ 1, then x is the reciprocal of y. Which of the following is the arithmetic mean of x and y? 35. SAT/ACT Practice y2 ϩ 1 A ᎏᎏ 2y yϩ1 B ᎏᎏ 2y y2 ϩ 2 C ᎏᎏ 2y y2 ϩ 1 D ᎏᎏ y x2 ϩ 1 E ᎏᎏ y MID-CHAPTER QUIZ 1.

Lesson 1-6 Modeling Real-World Data with Linear Functions 39 Data that are linear in nature will have varying degrees of goodness of fit to the lines of fit. Various formulas are often used to find a correlation coefficient that describes the nature of the data. The more closely the data fit a line, the closer the correlation coefficient r approaches 1 or Ϫ1. Positive correlation coefficients are associated with linear data having positive slopes, and negative correlation coefficients are associated with negative slopes.

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