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Naik, Y. P. (2008). Effect of foam density on the properties of water blown rigid polyurethane foam. Journal of applied polymer science, 108, 3, 1810-1817 Vajay, V. K. (2009). Biogas enrichment and bottling technology for vehicular use developed at ITT Delhi. ; Griesser, H. ; Laroche, G. & Guidoin R. (2001). ; Beck-Candanedo, S. & Gray, D. G. (2007). Dispersion of cellulose nanocrystals in polar organic solvents. ; & Cheng R. (2007). Thermal degradation behaviors of spherical cellulose nanocrystals with sulfate groups.

2009). Subsequent studies by Beck-Candanedo et al. (2005) also investigated the effect of hydrolysis time on the properties and behaviors of cellulose nano whiskers. A black spruce sulfite pulp and bleached eucalyptus kraft pulp were treated with 64% (w/w) sulfuric acid at 45 ˚C. It was shown that longer hydrolysis time produced shorter, less polydispersed whiskers while increased acid to cellulose ratios reduced whiskers dimensions. To optimize the isolation of cellulose nano whiskers, Bondeson et al.

7, dimethylcyclohexylamine, 1-methyl-4-(2dimethylaminoethyl) piperazine, silicone surfactant and pentane were used by Li et al. (2010a). O C N ... R1 N C O + HO R2 OH + O C N R1 N C O + HO R2 OH + ... O C O N H R1 N H C O O R2 O C O N R1 H N C O R2 O ... H Fig. 2. Chemical reaction of linear polyurethanes synthesis. 2 Preparation methods Due to strong hydrogen bonding interactions between cellulose hydroxyl groups, it is difficult to obtain well separated whiskers in organic solvents, especially for non-polar solvents.

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