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By Lewis Herman

This commonplace textual content, now in paperback for the 1st time-- the spouse quantity to Foreign Dialects-- American Dialects bargains consultant dialects of each significant component to the USA. In each one case, a common description and heritage of the dialect is given, by means of an research of vowel and consonant peculiarities, of its person lilt and rhythm, and of its grammar adaptations. There also are lists of the idioms and idiomatic expressions that distinguish every one dialect and routines utilizing them. American Dialects additionally contains musical inflection charts and diagrams displaying the location of lips, tongue, and breath.

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This "r" is sharper and thinner than the General-American or Mountain "r:' When "r" is preceded by a vowel and followed by a consonant, it is usually dropped, as in "thU:ti" (thirty), "mAAtin" (Martin), or "lOHuhd" (lord). " The New England Dialect 43 Many old-fashioned New Englanders pronounce the prefix "pro" as though it were written "per;' and in this way they avoid pronouncing the "r" as in "pU:vAHid" (provide) or "pU:diOOs" (produce). Western New Englanders sound the consonant as in "pUHrdiOOs" (produce).

This puff, however, should not be a full "UH" aspirate sound. It is merely a means of glide immediately to the next consonant sound, as in "ptEHk" (protect), "tmOrUH" (tomorrow), "sprUi:z" (surprise), and "knEHk" (connect). The custom of dropping syllables is more noticeable when complete words are almost dropped, as in "wUdv" (would have), "s-hi:" (said he), "tAWTHuh" (the other), ''AWn:i:th'' (underneath), "twUHz" (it was), "zEHf" (as if), "twAWnt" (it wasn't), "twUuhnt" (it won't), "twUd" (it would), or "sUi:" (said I).

Initial "u" is occasionally dropped, as in "li:siz" (Ulysses), and "brEHli" (umbrella). Medial "u" is often dropped in unstressed syllables, as in "nAtril" (natural), "rEHptAYshn" (reputation), "pti:klUH" (particular), "kAlAYt" (calculate), "rEHgIUH" (regular), ''Akrit'' (accurate), "Oklis" (occulist), "sprUi:z" (surprise), and "gAuhlis" (garrulous). When "r;' "k;' "p:' "s:' or "t" comes before the dropped vowel, it would be impossible to pronounce them without sounding a slight puff of breath at the same time.

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