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By Bimal K. Matilal, Jaysankar Lal Shaw

We're thankful to the authors who wrote papers particularly for this quantity and kindly gave their permission for printing them jointly. None of those papers seemed wherever earlier than. Our specified thank you are as a result of the first six authors who kindly spoke back to our request and agreed to hitch this new enterprise which we're calling 'comparative standpoint' in ana­ lytical philosophy. within the introductory essay sure salient issues from every one paper were famous purely to teach how 'com­ parative viewpoint' may possibly upload to, and be built-in with, mod­ ern philosophical dialogue within the analytic culture. desire­ much less to claim, any mistake, attainable mis-attribution or misrepresentation of the perspectives of the unique authors of the papers (appearing within the acknowledged introductory essay) is totally the accountability of the writer of that essay. the writer apologizes if there was such accidental misrepresenta­ tion and insists that the readers should still rely on the orig­ inal papers themselves for his or her personal realizing. For typo­ graphical difficulties it has now not regularly been attainable to take advantage of the symbols initially utilized by the authors, yet care has been taken to take advantage of the correct replacement for every of them.

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3 [14, p. 371] For any choice of Lo, if a is a thesis of propositional S5 then CCa) is true in all models of LU). We can also get a converse which is more or less Skyrms' completeness theorem on p. 374. Consider Lx to be the language of propositional modal logic obtained by treating the WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD sentences of Lo as if they were propositional variables. 4 For any wff a of LM, if C(a) is valid in all models of Lwthen a is a theorem of propositional 55. Suppose that a is not a theorem of propositional 55.

Oa! ak. In other words MD"+I"" oal ... ak iff (W,V) J=. oat ... ak as required by the induction. 2 Suppose that ~w is a class of models for LW based on a class of models ~o for Lo (indexed by I). Then there is an intensional model such that for any wff a of L (= ~ ) and any i E I

Jackson says that it arguably lacks the above-mentioned defeasibility feature. Certainty in this version is not however the usual psychological certainty. It is an 'ideal' or (if you like) 'logical' certainty. Such a certainty-episode seems to be equivalent to a knowledge-episode, according to at least the Nyaya notion of a knowledge-episode. For otherwise this certainty cannot lack the said defeasibility feature. To deny this point would amount to rejection by one stroke of the well-entrenched tradition of sceptical arguments against the possibility of knowledge.

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