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By Nigel Palastanga MA BA FCSP DMS DipTP, Derek Field Grad Dip Phys FCSP DipTP SRP, Roger W. Soames BSc(Human Biology) PhD(Human Sciences)

A vintage textual content for these learning anatomy with over 25,000 copies offered, this e-book has validated itself as a center textbook for students.

All illustrations were redrawn to fulfill the wishes of scholars at the present time besides a brand new layout and format to make learning anatomy easier.

The top and decrease limbs were divided into the bones, muscle groups, joints, and nerve and blood offer, and the e-book additionally covers the surface, trunk, neck, head, viscera and apprehensive method in a finished way.

The musculoskeletal constructions are awarded as a residing dynamic method and is a must-buy for anatomy scholars at the present time together with all scholars of physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, occupational therapists in addition to activities scientists, kinesiologists and podiatrists.

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31 and 34 respectively, the musculoskeletal system and limbs on p. 43 (upper limb) and 223 (lower limb), the cardiovascular system on p. 571, the respiratory system on p. 580, the digestive system on p. 588, the urinary system on p. 598, the genital system on p. 602, and the nervous system on p. 619. 1 below. 1 A summary of development Time from ovulation Event Within 24 hours Fertilization 72 hours Passage of conceprus through isthmus of fallopian tubes 80 hours Entry of conceptus into uterus 4-6 days Blastocyst formation 7 days Implantation 9-13 days Bilaminar embryonic disc 14-15 days Beginning of primitive streak; appearance of extra-embryonic coelom 16 days Beginning of notochord process 17-18 days Neural plate appears 19-20 days Intra-embryonic coelom begins to appear 20-30 days Formation of somites 24 days Head, tail and lateral body folds have established basic embryonic shape 24-26 days Limb buds appear 5 weeks Hands and feet begin to develop 8 weeks Primary ossification centres appear in long bones 12 weeks Formation of definitive body wall complete 3 months Nails appear 4 months Hair (lanugo) appears 5 months Whitish slippery coating (vernix caseoa) begins to develop—probably makes skin more waterproof 7 months Scalp and eyebrow hair develops Birth Vertebrae in three parts (centrum and two neural arches); nails have grown to end of digits; shafts of long bones completely ossified; secondary ossification beginning to appear (distal end femur, proximal end tibia) Part Skin, its appendages and special senses 2 This page intentionally left blank 25 Skin, its appendages and special senses INTRODUCTION The skin is a tough, pliable waterproof covering of the body, blending with the more delicate lining membranes of the body at the mouth, nose, eyelids, urogenital, and anal openings.

The glands produce sweat, which is a clear fluid without any cellular elements, for secretion (eccrine secretion). The production of sweat is important in temperature regulation, as Fig. 4 The distribution of eccrine and apocrine sweat glands. 31 SKIN, ITS APPENDAGES AND SPECIAL SENSES: EAR sweat glands, as are the glands of the external auditory rneatus (ceruminous glands). The cells of these latter glands contain a yellowish pigment which colours the wax secretion (cerumin). Mammary gland (breast) The mammary glands are modified sweat glands, being accessory to the reproductive function in females, secreting milk (lactation) for the nourishment of the infant.

Cortex. The adoption of a bipedal gait during Soon after its formation each somite becomes human evolution freed the upper limbs for differentiated into three parts. The ventromefunctions other than locomotion; this is one of dial part forms the sclerotome, which migrates the reasons why the brain developed and medially towards the notochord and neural enlarged to its present form. Not to be over- tube to take part in the formation of the INTRODUCTION 3 44 ANATOMY AND HUMAN MOVEMENT Fig. 1 a) Somites in the developing embryo, b) The development of the upper limb showing limb buds and the direction in which they will rotate.

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