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The Bayesian analysis summarizes 13,883 final trees. 32 University of California Publications in Zoology The two clades and their subclades are geographically structured, with that structure fully consistent with the description and mapped ranges given by Patton and Álvarez-Castañeda (2005) where that study overlapped with the expanded analyses here (Fig. 6). Clade 1 is distributed along coastal California and throughout Baja California, including all of the Pacific coast and Gulf islands that harbor woodrats.

The molars of woodrats are coronally hypsodont, with elevated crowns that erupt and begin to wear before the tooth roots and growth ceases. Most individuals with the base of the hypoflexus still hidden by the bony alveolus were still in juvenile or subadult pelage and were considered very young and not measured. 49. Individuals in all five age-categories had adult pelage, although they may not have been post-reproductive. We included all age 1-5 individuals in the analyses we undertook. Exceptions to this “age” 12 University of California Publications in Zoology scheme are the very large-bodied individuals from Baja California, where animals in adult pelage and with evidence of reproductive activity may also have incompletely erupted molars wherein the base of the hypoflexus is below the bony alveolus.

These prior studies, however, did not include all of the taxa of the Neotoma lepida group we analyze here (notably the insular N. anthonyi, N. bryanti, N. bunkeri, N. insularis, and N. martinensis as well as a number of subspecies of N. lepida itself). We present an unrooted strict consensus MP tree in Fig. 4 to illustrate the unity of all sequences of members of the Neotoma lepida group relative to those of other species in the genus. We use this as confirmation of the monophyly of taxa comprising the lepida group as we define this group.

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