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Practical Ruby Gems

Useful Ruby gem stones is a complete advisor to using and growing Ruby Gems—ready-made Ruby code modules that may be simply additional to Ruby and Rails initiatives. This publication is perfect for Ruby programmers in addition to net builders who use Rails and need to increase the performance in their initiatives.

Flask Blueprints

Flask is a small yet strong internet improvement framework for Python. notwithstanding Flask is named a micro-framework, it's no method missing in performance; there are lots of extensions on hand to Flask which is helping it to operate on the similar point as different huge frameworks equivalent to Django and Ruby on Rails.

This publication will display the best way to increase a chain of net program tasks with the Python net micro-framework, and leverage extensions and exterior Python libraries and APIs to increase the advance of numerous higher and extra complicated net applications.

The e-book will commence by way of explaining Python’s Virtualenv library and the way to create and turn among a number of digital environments. You’ll first construct an SQL database-backed software, so one can use Flask-WTF, Flask-SQLAlchemy, Jinja templates, and different tools. subsequent you’ll flow directly to a timeline software, outfitted utilizing thoughts together with pytest-Flask, the Blinker package deal, information modelling for consumer timelines, exception dealing with, and growing and organizing CLI instruments.

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Create your individual leading edge purposes in computing device imaginative and prescient, online game layout, track, robotics, and different parts through taking complete good thing about Kinect’s wide interactive, multi-media platform. With this ebook, you get a step by step walkthrough of the easiest suggestions and instruments to come back out of the OpenKinect venture, the biggest and so much energetic Kinect hacking group.

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You can use all the usual escape sequences in your string resources, such as \n for a new line. Save your files. xml and preview your layout changes in the graphical layout tool. That is all for now for GeoQuiz’s view layer. Time to wire everything up in your controller class, QuizActivity. Updating the Controller Layer In the previous chapter, there was not that much happening in GeoQuiz’s one controller, QuizActivity. xml. It set listeners on two buttons and wired them to make toasts. Now that you have multiple questions to retrieve and display, QuizActivity will have to work harder to tie GeoQuiz’s model and view layers together.

They report the same problem: Button cannot be resolved to a type. java. Button; Or you can do it the easy way and organize your imports. Organizing imports When you organize imports, you ask Eclipse to look at your code and determine what you need from the Java and Android SDKs. It imports what you need and removes any previously imported classes that you are no longer using. To organize your imports, press: Command+Shift+O for Mac Ctrl+Shift+O for Windows and Linux This should get rid of the errors.

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