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The model is based on a turbidity coefficient, Y a , which relates the measured direct normal solar irradiance G-, to the clean air direct normal irradiance G b n by the formula G bn = c G bn e x ( P ) " * where m is the optical air mass and G ^ n is the irradiance normal to the beam for a clean atmosphere containing known amounts of absorbing and scattering gases and c is a correction factor to adjust for solar distance. The chief factors affecting G b n are the water vapour content of the atmosphere and the path length.

Clearly the isotropic approximation is not satisfactory for estimating vertical diffuse irradiation on cloudless days of different clarities and more accurate computational procedures are 52 J. K. Page desirable• 13. THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN IMPROVED CLEAR SKY SOLAR RADIATION MODEL The first prediction method described was based on the adoption of a standard radiation curve. In a more sophisticated approach proper account has to be taken of the effect of atmospheric turbidity on solar radiation. The first step in providing a clear sky short wave radiation model which could be used for surfaces of any slope and orientation anywhere on the earth's surface was to adopt a suitable meteorologically validated radiation transmission model of the atmosphere which allowed for local variations in both atmospheric water content and sky clarity to predict the direct irradiance.

0 0 . 0 2 H ? 34 cm. 2 W m ? 6 WAVELENGTH (MICROMETER) FIG. 6 Four curves related to solar spectral irradiance. 29 Characteristics of Solar Radiation w p-Azimuth of z 'P. S Figure 7 plane z-Sun azimuth from south <*-Solar altitude b-Plane angle A n g l e D i a g r a m for f i n d i n g S o l a r R a d i a t i o n or. S l o p e d S u r f a c e s A . A . M. Sayigh 8 7 6 SOLAR 2 RADIATION-x10" gmcaLtm/day 30 5 U 3 2 1 J F M A M J J A S O FIG 8 SOLAR RADIATION FALLING ON VARIOUS SLOPED SURFACES IN RIYADH N D 31 Characteristics of Solar Radiation 30 CSL - - £ 2 — o X - — - — —• • * N \ § 2 0 - XN \ \ \ \ V — \ < CC < Q LU O < \ i \ \ - - \ \ \ 10 - - - - CC LU l_ 0 Hn 0 15 3 0 4 5 60 75 9 0 T I L T ANGLE - d e g .

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