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By Christian K. Wedemeyer

The Lamp that Integrates the Practices is a scientific and finished exposition of the main complex yogas of the Esoteric neighborhood (Guhyasamaja) Tantra as espoused via the Noble culture, an influential college of interpretation in the Mahayoga traditions of Indian Buddhist esoterism. equivalent in authority to Nagarjuna's well-known 5 levels (Pañcakrama), Aryadeva's paintings might be the earliest prose instance of the "stages of the chant course" style in Sanskrit. Its studied gradualism exerted substantial impression on later Indian and Tibetan culture, and it really is broadly mentioned by means of masters from all 4 significant lineages of Tibetan Buddhism.

This quantity provides the Lamp in a tri-lingual layout: its Sanskrit unique critically-edited from recently-identified manuscripts, a serious variation of the eleventh-century Tibetan translation by way of Rin-chen Bzang-po (including notes on readings present in "lost," substitute translations), and a thoroughly-annotated English translation.

Includes an introductory research discussing the background of the Guhyasamaja and its exegetical traditions, surveying the scriptural and commentarial assets of the Noble culture, and examining intimately the contents of the Lamp. includes a distinct, tri-lingual glossary.

Published by way of American Institute of Buddhist experiences (AIBS)

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This case will be made in more detail below. For now, let us return for a moment to one remain ing, important passage from Taranatha's History. Subsequent to his previous declaration, in the chapter specifically devoted to the era of King Devapala, Taranatha finishes the story. describ­ ing the manner i n which these "Treasures" were revealed. At this time, the son of a Matailga [outcaste] met Arya­ deva and, through his b lessing, came to a thorough knowledge of the Dharma. Meditating, he achieved accomplishment (siddhi).

That is the reason that the lineage of the Noble - , literature and the Buddhakapala literature is short. For example, it is like the Tibetan Vision Teachings (bod gyi yang dag snang gi chos) and those Treasure Teachings which are not counterfeit (gter chos rdzun gso ba med pa). so traditions, before the imposition of the hegemonic, Padmasambhava-centric model, see Ronald Davidson. " 49 rigs tshogs drug: a standard Tibetan list of Nagarjuna's major exoteric works compris­ ing the Malamadhyamakaktlrikli.

Mslation runs: (cont 'd) Introduction · 23 It is hard to overestimate how remarkable thi s passage is. Again. Tara­ natha clearly denies that the works of the Nobles can be properly ascribed to the early first millennium era of the .. real .. Nagarjuna . et a/. Instead. he here explicitly states his view that they were propagated during the reign of the Pala Dynasty ' s King Devapala ( ca. 5 1 His analogy to the Treasures or Visions is meant to communicate that these are books that. while allegedly composed (or.

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