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By Géza Zboray, Zsolt Kovács, György Kriska, Kinga Molnár, Zsolt Pálfia

This atlas includes 189 colored photographs taken from transversal, horizontal and sagittal sections of 11 organisms universal in college educating. Six invertebrate and 5 vertebrate species – from the nematode computer virus (Ascaris suum) to mammals (Rattus norvegicus) – are proven in targeted images.Images convey images taken from unique arrangements and 3D pictures at the enclosed CD. learning the macrosections with unaided eyes, with an easy magnifier or binocular microscope could be of significant support to complete conventional anatomical stories and to set up a definite spatial experience/space perception.This quantity might be of serious curiosity for biology scholars, researchers and academics of comparative anatomy. it could actually act as assisting fabric of sensible classes. additionally, clinical practitioners, agricultural experts and researchers having an curiosity in comparative anatomy may additionally take advantage of it.

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Razor blade section. Posterior view. (-+) 58 gil. mucosae muscular body wall gil. mucosae duct. gl. eahvane Spiculum amoris long horn (retracted) body cavity transition from esophagus to crop bursa telorls muscle bundle nerve of a subesophageal ganglion foot ductus deferens ggl. suboe50phageale gl. pedalis ductus glandulae pedalis Figure 28. Transversal section of the anterior part of the animal in the region of the esophagus, dart sac and finger shaped (mucous) glands. Razor blade section. Posterior view.

F;. 1'. t, I 1'- ,\ bursa copulatrix kidney pericardium (surface) pulmo ductus bursae copulatrix spermoviductus. pars proetatlca bursae copulatrix diverticulum ducti spermoviductus. pars uterica duct. bursae copulatrix pallium gl. eahvarts. acini foot \' , I~ ~ "\\ ~ ,, ~. " crop mantle skirt mm. retractores phary ngis oviductus duct. bursae copulatrix duct. gl. pedalis mouth labium lateraIe \ penis radula sac. dorsal wall connectivum circumpharyngeale ostium bursae telorie opening of the mucous gland (filled with secretion) Figure 32.

Mediansagittalsection, medial view Figure 16/B. Right side view of Anodonta cygnea after the removal of the right half of the shell and the mantle. Labeling indicates the location and view of the presented sections. 43 ~ ~ """ mantle skirt 'C'":"rl: _ 6'l. pedales "'i-- ventriculus (gaster) muscle layer mantle. pallial pallial line tra nsverse muscle fibers of the foot ductus hepatopancreat icus sinus hepatopancreas Anterior view. (+-) Figure 17. Transversal section of th e bod y through the stomach, th e midgut appendix (hepatopancreas) and th e anterior part of th e foot made by saw.

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