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By Jin Jing Zhong, Andrew Timofeevich

Книга seventy two искусства Шаолиня / education equipment of seventy two Arts of Shaolin seventy two искусства Шаолиня / education tools of seventy two Arts of Shaolin Книги Вооружение Автор: Jin Jing Zhong Год издания: 1934 Формат: pdf Издат.:Tanjin Страниц: 236 Размер: 6 Мб Язык: Русский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:"72 искусства Шаолиня" - это методы внутреннего и внешнего укрепления, традиционно используемые в Шаолиньском ушу. В 1931 году шаолиньский настоятель Мяосин опубликовал книгу "72 искусства Шаолиня", где они впервые были описаны для широкой аудитории.Предлагаемое вашему внманию издание - англоязычный перевод переиздания книги Мяосина, выпоненное Цзинь Цзин Чжуном.

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Success should be gradually achieved. When exercising, one must observe Five Demands: first, be serious; second, be conscientious; third, the Spirit should conform the Will; fourth, take care of one’s honor; fifth, strictly follow the methods. There are Ten Bans for those who train oneself: laziness, conceit, haste, excessiveness, weakness for strong drinks, folly, slander, hypocrisy, lack of respect for teachers and oppression of the young. There are also Ten Harms: sexual desires that harm soul, violent rage that harms QI, excessive thoughtfulness that harms nerves, sorrow that harms heart, wine that harms blood, laziness that harms sinews, hurry that harms bones, smoking that harms lung, spicy food that harms stomach, excessive drinking that harms spleen.

2 Exercise for the face (MIAN GONG). At first, rub both palms together to reach extreme heat, then rub your face with them. The whole face should be rubbed well as if you wipe off sweat. Then, after spitting at your hands, rub your face again. Both hands massage the face with effort from inside outward, gradually descending and gliding over the face, it should be done 9 times altogether, then massage your forehead 9 times. 3 Exercise for the ears (ER GONG). Both hands press on ER LON3 and rub upward and downward.

3 Exercise for the ears (ER GONG). Both hands press on ER LON3 and rub upward and downward. Take a seat straightly, straighten one leg and draw in the other, raise both arms to the horizontal level, both palms are vertical and directed forward as if they push a door. Twisting your neck, cast a glance back on the left and on the right, 7 Editor’s notes: 3 ER LONG - the upper part of an ear. 50 times altogether to each side. Put both forefingers to ear passages, turn outside 9 times. This exercise is called “clever ear” (CONG ER GONG).

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