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All normal services are available to the property. 1 Exposed basement Brick [name] Stone [name] Blocks [type] Rendering [type] on . . Tile hanging] Concrete panel [finish] Timber panel Columns [material and spacing] 51 Report Writing for Architects Weatherboard [type, material and finish]. 4 etc. 3 etc. Door 3 [As above] 6 Furniture Aluminium Bronze Cast iron Galvanized steel Brass Chrome on . . ] (i) Walls Exposed brickwork Exposed stonework Exposed blockwork Exposed concrete Plaster on brick Plaster on stone Plaster on block Plaster on concrete Plaster on lath or plasterboard on solid Plaster on lath or plasterboard on studding Board [acoustic, timber, other] on lath or studding Tiles [acoustic, plaster, other] on lath or studding or solid Rendering Finish—paper [type] Finish—paint [type] Finish—tiles [type] Condition (ii) Ceiling Exposed brick, stone concrete, timber Plaster Plaster on lath or plasterboard Board [acoustic, timber, other] Tiles [acoustic, plaster, other] 53 Report Writing for Architects Finish—paper [type] Finish—paint [type] Finish—tiles [type] Condition (iii) Floor Concrete Reinforced concrete [pre-cast or in situ] Hardwood joists Softwood joists Composite—concrete and steel Composite—concrete and timber Composite—steel and timber Solid or suspended Thickness D a m p proof membrance [material and thickness] Condition Finishes Hardwood strip, blocks, tiles Softwood boards Chipboard [thickness] Asphalt [thickness] Screed [type and thickness] Terrazzo Q u a r r y tiles Brick paviors Stone [flags, setts, sizes] Slate Cork tiles R u b b e r sheet, tiles [type] Plastic sheet, tiles [type] Linoleum [thickness] Carpet sheet, tiles Polished Painted Stained Sealed Varnished Condition [If this is the lowest floor, note whether there is site concrete, space under joists, sleeper walls, material, debris] (iv) Windows Location Timber Plastic Plastic-covered timber Aluminium Galvanized steel Finish 54 Miscellaneous Reports T y p e : fixed; vertical sliding; horizontal sliding; casement; top hung; bottom hung; centre pivot vertical; centre pivot horizontal; louvred; double framed.

4 It must be appreciated that the cost figures can only be considered to be approximate until a detailed scheme design has been carried out on a particular category. 5 T h e estimate is based upon rates and prices current at the date of this report. No allowance has been made for inflation and the estimate is exclusive of Value Added T a x (VAT). 2 It is not practicable to give a reasonable indication of the periods of time to be allocated to the design team or the construction work until I receive your further instructions.

O t h e r readily accessible centres are: [Name of town or city]—[insert number] miles. 3 Shopping Daily shopping needs are provided for by a n u m b e r of small shops strategically located. Mobile shops call at regular intervals. There are few shops within 1 mile radius. T h e nearest large shopping centre is [insert number] miles away at [insertplace]. T h e r e is an open market at [insertplace] on [insert days]. 4 Health Provision for community health is as follows: Doctors' surgeries at [insertplaces].

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